Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rotational Motion Measurement

The GIF below shows an object experiencing horizontal rotational motion similar to the spinning stopper lab.  However, in this case the sting breaks and the stopper goes flying (top of the map frame).

Using the GIF Scrubber, answer the following questions:

Before release:

1.    What is the angular velocity of the stopper?
2.    What is the linear velocity of the stopper?
3.    What is the tangential (linear) acceleration of the stopper?
4.    What is the centripetal acceleration of the stopper?
5.    What is the total linear acceleration of the stopper?

Using your height and arm extension: 

6.    How long will take the stopper to reach the ground?

7.    How far horizontally from the point of release will the stopper fall?

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